Heart slayer

It’s an love and hate relationship, Our hearts are like sinkin’ ships. Love can be as pure as gold, At the auction I’m saying ‘Heart SOLD!’   Getting your love is my dream, Watchin’ Inception as a video stream. Subconsciously you still love me, Our souls have gone through the extreme.   In this moment;Continue reading “Heart slayer”

Lego Layers

One moment, Nice and then nasty. Breaking me apart, But don’t let me start. I know you hate me, Hatred can never set you free. Freedom constriction, Self-manipulation. Depreciating apologies, I’m laughing at your absurdity. I’m spreading positivity, You’re promoting negativity. What you say is opposite, to what your mouth bites. You’re an architect ofContinue reading “Lego Layers”

Love Capped (Short poem)

She entered like a stranger, Your love is in danger. Seduced and I am trapped, My heart has love capped.   The bitch barks louder, Her heart set in the highest tower. I’m no knight in shining armour, Your love sets my karma.   The sky is falling on me, My love reincarnated as anContinue reading “Love Capped (Short poem)”