2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. You are trying too hard and you are just beginning your journey. You are definately no expert. In 20 years if you stop deluding yourself then you just may laugh at your efforts of pretending you know and pretending to have the authority to be able to advise others. Good luck You are going to need it and i pity your fans who think what you say is real spirituality. What you think you know isn’t everything there is to know.

    1. Delusion is for those who cannot see what I am doing. I am helping others because of others. In 20 years time…you will be eating your words. But let that time come. Right now, I can assure you that I know more than you think! If you can’t see this reality then I don’t mind. It is your journey. Live it if you dare to! Love and blessings, Rahul

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