Jealousy has no place in any relationship

It is interesting at how you, the individual, is at the center of the world and then you are married/long-term relationship and the center grows, you have children and the center grows more.  Eventually, you realize that you are there to serve the others to support the center. However, what happens when jealousy and self-centeredContinue reading “Jealousy has no place in any relationship”

Not everyone has to be spiritual

Is spirituality for everyone? It may be available to everyone but it is not necessary that everyone will be spiritual. When someone has found something spectacular in their spiritual journey, when they have walked a path, which has benefited them, we wish to share that with everyone we know, like we do with the latestContinue reading “Not everyone has to be spiritual”

Post 31 – Blessed Mother

Going back to the time when I was a little baby, The past always looks colourful and not shady. Everything I visualise around me is amazing, A world without limitations will have everything.   I have freedom in my blessed mother’s arm, Her smile is the only thing that makes me calm. Strangers I haveContinue reading “Post 31 – Blessed Mother”