decisionsThere are times that I look back and I wonder:

What more could I have done?
What else was possible?
Did I do my best?
Did I try hard enough?

You are number one!
When it comes to making decisions, the number one person has to be you. Yes, the effect of whatever you decide will have an impact on others and certain situations but your happiness has to be in your hands. No one else can determine your happiness. If you feel happy, go for it. If you feel sad, then do what makes you happy.

Be real!
Just be real about things. Yes, you may doubt whether what you are doing is right or wrong but be real about how you feel. Don’t mask anything to please others. However, listen, observe and carry on doing what feels right in your being. This is the way to move forward. If something is not right then drop it and go to plan B.

Always have a plan B…
Without a plan B, it is just shoddy planning. Never lose focus but never depend on all of the eggs in your basket. Not every one will hatch and chirp away. So be ready for hiccups, be prepared for challenges and delays but stay committed.

Plan C, D or E…
Whatever the plan is that you must fall back on, every plan should lead to the same destination. All they are are simply different routes. This is the attention that is required when making a decision and sticking with it.

Different wavelengths
Not everyone is on your wavelength. The wise, meaning those ahead of you will encourage you to follow your being and what you want. They will be positive and give you that inspiration that is required. Then there are some, who are behind and they may emotionally manipulate you, try to scrap your plans but you need to stay focussed. It is important to listen to them, take what they say and check within yourself if it is worth considering. If you feel nauseas about it then stop thinking about it and move forward with your decision. 

Go for it
Whatever you decide, just go for it and don’t look back. You may regret things later, you may celebrate this decision later but the regret of not going ahead with your decision will be a bigger regret than staying with the status quo and avoiding the challenge. Just go for it and forget the rest. Stay focussed on the target, be the target and your decision is your mastermind.

Post 33 – Blank Canvas

People have a problem if you are against them. It is a little fact but doesn’t hold true all the time. Why do people dislike the fact that you are your own person? Why do people feel they need to impose their ‘superiority’ on you? First of all, they want to believe they are superior when really they are more at your feet than you actually think. yes, in the social aspect they may have a little more ‘respect’ but in the eyes of the true and honest people, they are nothing but hacks claiming a little bit of limelight.

I dare to think that if we all followed the norms of society then society will be at a standstill. In fact, society will never progress. I see the many fools who claim to change things but really their change is not inspiring. It’s adding more dumbed down crap into our minds. The hype that surrounds certain things yet never meets the expectations. That is what young or so-called game changer wannabes carry on claiming.

Yesterday, I watched Inception for nth time and I came to the final conclusion that the only reality is that Cobb meets his children. That is the only positive thing in his life. Once the guilt is removed of his wife’s suicide then all boundaries that restricted him are gone. In fact, Inception is far more spiritual than a lot of religious texts. Religious texts just like to tell you how it is done. Inception goes to the core. It shows how to deal with guilt. So my conclusion to the film is that whether his reality is still a dream, I would rather see Cobb happy with his children. In the space of the dream, he can fill it in with whatever he wants. The underlining action is that he is free from the crux of his subconscious.

This is what we as human beings need to do. We need to have a blank canvas and put every bit of ourselves in it and make it our universe. It is simple as that. The fact is we have no limitations but it is our society, our religions, our education that teaches us to be confined and ‘good’ human beings. I may say good but ‘human beings’ I really do doubt. Say robotic machines then you will have my approval.

In conclusion, you are the writer, the painter, the director and the maker of your life. So use it!

Lots of love and God bless.

Rahul N Singh


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Post 27 – The Love Test

The most insane thing that was created was love. I mean, what was God thinking? Love is so manipulative, it is so cunning, so sly. Why would God create something evil like love? It causes break ups, heart aches, destroys families. Wait a second!


Don’t stop thinking, why are you reading on for?

Think for half a minute just about nothing.

Then for another half of a minute, think about the times when you have been hurt due to love in some form or another.

If you need more time, then think for a bit longer.


Stop thinking and now read. Now read what I say twice. First time –  think of any associated memories. Second time – without memories.

“I have been cheated on, I can’t believe it. My heart is about to break. In fact, I feel that everything is crumbling  beneath me. My head is going to explode. How could they do this to me? I did nothing wrong. I just loved. Loving isn’t bad. My heart was true. So why did they hurt me? My heart wanted them so badly. It was pure. My feelings were definitely pure. I have no doubt. I have no expectations. I didn’t have any. I can’t believe I was lied to. The truth always comes out. What were they thinking? I want them back. I am desperate for them to come back to me. I am going to lose faith in everything. I am going to ignore anyone that asks me out. I am going to stay committed in getting them back. I am not going to move on. But what if they don’t come back? I think I should move on. I should. Yes. That is the right thing. They cheated on me, that means my love is more stronger, it is more resilient. They lied to me, my honesty deserves someone who is honest about their love. The person I was crying about was not honest about their love. So was their love true? No, it can’t be. That means that my love is not true. They hurt me because they were honest in being dishonest. I did have expectations but not anymore. I expected them to love me or to come back. I need someone who has no expectations to. I need someone who grants me freedom to be me and that I can grant them freedom to be themselves. I want to hold hands of that person who can show me love in the honest way. But where can I find that person? Is it easy? Do I go for the next person who asks me out? Do I go for the one who seems decent? Do I go for the one who doesn’t flaunt themselves? Do I go for the one that doesn’t flirt much at the beginning? Do I go for the one that seems understanding? Do I go for the one that offers sound advise? Do I go for the one that definitely stands out from the crowd as a person? I am not going to use my mind in this. My heart tells me to go for the decent one. My heart is telling me that love cannot have pain and it cannot cause pain. My heart tells me that love, the true and honest love is the one that even if it leaves, it has no pain. For that love is eternal. Like in the movies, in the books and in the poems. But can I allow such a free-thinker in my life? Will I accept such a being? I guess I got to try. I got to try and make my life better. It can only get better if I choose the best person who loves their own life. I got to choose a better partner to become a better human being myself. I pledge that is what I am going to search for this lover!”


Unfortunately, the person that pledged to this has died. For that person is eternal. That person has become love and lives through the breaths of love. But that person only died when he met the love of their life. Their lives merged into one and love became the unifying factor. It seems impossible but they have lost all identity. In fact, they call each other heart and soul!


Enjoy the test of love!


Lots of love and God bless.

Rahul N Singh

Post 26 – Falling

Life is going on and on,

Your breath is a con.

It can be stolen,

Your soul is falling.


Live life to the max,

Happiness has no tax.

Sacrifice the sad times,

For happiness and it’s chimes.


It is a wonderful life,

Forget about the after-life.

It’s about the new moments,

Become part of its sweet scent.


Forget about the ego drama,

Don’t get involved with karma,

Heaven is at your feet,

God’s love is sweeter than sweet.


Death loses it’s own secrecy,

It exists in the highest ecstasy.

Life truly has no end,

It is a path blinded with bends.


Lots of love and God bless.

Rahul N Singh

Post 21 – Heart slayer

It’s an love and hate relationship,

Our hearts are like sinkin’ ships.

Love can be as pure as gold,

At the auction I’m saying ‘Heart SOLD!’


Getting your love is my dream,

Watchin’ Inception as a video stream.

Subconsciously you still love me,

Our souls have gone through the extreme.


In this moment; it looks one-sided,

It would change if our bodies collided.

My love is layered within layers,

I simply don’t want to be a heart slayer.


Atleast give me and you this one last chance,

See if we can transform it into a wedding dance.

Let’s not fight and ignore our attractions,

Let’s give our lives that extra satisfaction.


True love is one of my best abilities,

It matches my multi-functional personalities.

I’m yours until the final invitation,

My death will only be your perception.


Lots of love and God bless,

Rahul N Singh