The Seeker must become the Mystic


Wisdom has set me on fire,
There is nothing to discriminate,
There is no other,
But the One True Self.

Wisdom is one thing; the practical side is totally another ball game. In the life of a mystic, there are two journeys. One is seeking the Truth itself and the other one is action or application of the Truth.

The seeker goes out searching for the Truth. They do not know if they will achieve anything. Will they achieve liberation? Will they see God? Is there a God? All these are unanswered questions and the seeker is comfortable with these doubts. The seeker moving towards becoming a mystic is fully aware that the questions are not real. They don’t need answers because they are distractions towards the Truth. The Truth doesn’t need to answer any questions. If we do not accept the Truth then there are two reasons. One is that we have not accepted the Truth and the second, which regardless of the first reason is more important, and that is whether we have applied this Truth to our daily lives.

The Seeker goes out and with all of their life, with their every breath, with every bit of their energy they need the Truth. When they meet the One – the Master, the Guru, the seeker receives the Divine Wisdom, known as Brahm Gyan from the Guru and life is transformed if the awakening occurs. The Seeker now has the knowledge, what next? The application must be there. The Seeker must see the knowledge, the wisdom in every aspect of life. In nature, in nurture, in essence, it should see through the eyes of wisdom and then the Mystic is born. Every action carries the dust of the Truth so that whenever another seeker wants the Truth, it should follow the trail of dust that the Mystic leaves behind.

When the awakening has occurred, the Mystic, like their Guru will be someone who has patience for one and all, they go beyond their labels – their nationality, race and religion. They move beyond boundaries. They have compassion for everyone because they see the same Light within them in others. They do not discriminate, like the Sun doesn’t discriminate on what it give its Light to. The Mystic, like their Guru understands the importance of forgiveness. That means forgiveness of one’s own mistakes and the large-heartedness to forgive others. Who are we to judge on the severity of a certain mistake or mishap that someone has made directly or indirectly towards us. The Mystic is an example, and the Light that shines from them is because of the wisdom they received from their Guru.

If the Light that we shine differentiates and judges then is it the Light of God or Truth? Are we following the words of the Guru, if we are using our own mind over the Guru’s teachings? Have we truly accepted the Guru? If the seeker discriminates and judges then the question goes on whether the seeker truly feels that the Guru is someone worth following. If the Guru doesn’t judge but has compassion for all, then isn’t that the natural course of action for the seeker? The Mystic has to follow the Guru but the seeker has a choice. The seeker is at a crossroad, it can either choose to follow the Guru’s way or it can abandon the ship and carrying on searching. Therefore, the seeker can never claim to be a disciple of a Guru until they surrender their mind to the Guru and whoever surrenders understands the Guru and becomes a Mystic. This is the grace and blessing of the Spiritual Master.

This Light, this Wisdom, this God that is revealed by the Master is only for those that want to become mystics, who want to have union with the One. The One that has created everything is the manifest and the unmanifest. The One that has no end, no beginning and is self-existent. This One, which is the Truth, which is consciousness, awareness and bliss. This is the way of life for the Mystic.

The Mystic never wants to let go of the Guru’s path and everything for the Mystic is about being as the Guru so wishes. If the Guru says to love everyone, then love everyone it is. If the Guru says to be compassionate, then compassion it is. If the Guru says forgive under any circumstance, then forgiveness it is. The Guru has the final and only say in the Mystic’s life. The seeker will pick and choose whatever is said but will do whatever their mind says. The Mystic understands the Guru’s actions, whilst a seeker can misunderstand it.

The evolution of the seeker has to occur. The Mystic must be born and this is where having a Master is necessary or makes it easier. The Master will show you the way, they will be the example and they will liberate you from this earth. No longer will you be confined in the body and mind, you will become the vastness of this One. When the Mystic is born, this world becomes more beautiful. The beauty of the One can only be understood by those in the mystic tradition and the Guru has defined this tradition.

To move forward in one’s awakening, to truly feel free and liberated, the seeker must become the Mystic.

Post 53 – Story about Forgiveness

Rohan, a 27 year old guy, who is married with two kids and his wife is beautiful. Rohan has quite a few problems that he wishes he could solve. However, things have hit rock bottom. He has lost his job, lost his savings on a trip to Las Vegas last year and now he is scared about how to bring the next dinner on the table. He picks up the courage and goes to see his best friend, Naina. He tells her the situation and she gives him £500.

After a couple of months, Naina bumps into Rohan, who is waiting for her outside her office. He apologises for ignoring her and he is really upset about his behaviour. He explains to Naina how he spent the money on drugs, prostitutes, alcohol and gambling. He tells her that he is scared about the future. Naina patiently listens and asks Rohan what he wants now. Rohan asks her for more money. Naina carefully listens and considers it. After all, it is her money that she has lost to this man.

She replies: ‘I can give you the money but this time I will buy the groceries and anything you need.’

Now what is the message behind this story. Rohan has betrayed Naina’s trust, he has hurt her but she doesn’t look hurt, she just listens to him. Her forgiveness is unique. She still gives him the money again and is that her ignorance or stupidity? However, she has a good heart. She forgives him in the true sense. She feels no pain, she feels no hurt but she remembers that he has betrayed her before. Therefore, she thinks of a solution where she can give him the money but now gets the items herself. You could say she was a push-over but she didn’t have to help him. Even if she didn’t help him, she still maintained her friendship. If he made a mistake and she lets go of the friendship, then that is another mistake. But this time, the mistake is her fault.

This is what forgiveness is: You remember the facts but you forget the emotions and psychological aspect of what was done to you. This way, you can keep moving forward in life.

Maintaining grudges keeps the door of enlightenment closed. If you want to open the doors of enlightenment, the doors to the Formless then you need to know how to forgive. If you can’t forgive then going to your place of worship is useless, praying or meditating is useless, or doing charitable acts are useless. Learn the art of forgiveness. Remember what they did wrong but don’t remember how it made you feel. That is forgiveness.

Rahul N Singh