Temptation – A Positive Approach

temptation_to_no_avail_be46Temptation is annoying. Damn annoying and the annoying thing about this is the fact that you are in control of your temptations. What is it that triggers the temptation? What then fuels this temptation? Obviously, thought always gives energy to temptation or to anything that we wish to remove ourselves from.

Being on a vegan diet is difficult as it is. I recently went into Waitrose (I am not middle class) and they do quite a bit for us vegan peeps. They had these ginger – chocolately biscuit bites and they are pretty yum. However, I have put them in the freezer and I want one. I could give in to temptation as I salivate about them now or prove determination over temptation. Today, I wanted to avoid sweet things and wanted a healthy day. Trust me, when chocolate is scarce already then all you can think about is chocolate.

Temptation happens in all parts of life. The temptation to look at an attractive woman or come across an amazing and beautiful woman on instagram or facebook, especially the ones you know and you have that desire to pursue that temptation and then reality sticks its nose in it and it is all over. You start thinking of reasons why it cannot and should not work. You think of the last time she rejected you and stopped talking to you and mentioning how hot she looks may literally be the last nail in the coffin to any possibility of ‘something’ later. What is this ‘something’ beats me.

When I am meditating, I feel like putting my attention and awareness on the occasional itch on my arm. The itch that never occurs otherwise but suddenly finds it amusing to happen now. You can’t take the intensity of the meditation and 5 seconds feels like 5 hours. How can one be still? The temptation to move gets stronger and stronger. However, your determination wins, your willpower is victorious because no way will you let anything stop you from your goal.

The times when someone ignores you and you just want to tell them that it isn’t cool. They have posted on Facebook, Instagram or whatever. Nowadays, snapchat easily shows someone opening your post thing and they don’t reply to it. Sad times! However, why should people reply? That is attention seeking. My existence isn’t worth the response of every single person. It is mad and I don’t respond to everyone’s and that is because I think my life is the best! Madness I tell you!

Temptation is crazy and yet, it is what makes you grow. Be happy that you are tempted because it shows that you can make your willpower stronger and stronger. It is a gym session for your willpower. Temptation can be made positive if you want it to. And if temptation wins then so what. Sometimes, eating that ginger biscuit chocolate bite thing may make you happy. Telling that one woman that you have secretly been attracted to her can be the beginning of a blossoming relationship. Scratching that itch may help you get back to meditation and moving may make your bottom feel less numb! Also, telling those people not to ignore you may create a conversation that will eventually change your life. I know it does sound incredibly ideal but let’s be real, whatever was once ideal has become a reality. I remember being a kid and thinking about cameras on mobile phones being revolutionary! So things can be done.

Whatever it is that tempts you right now and you see a spark of positivity in it then go for it. If it doesn’t work out then fair enough, their loss aswell as yours!

Love and blessings,


Post 99 – Clean out our expectations!

Hi everyone!

A late afternoon shower, sipping a cup of golden brown tea and writing to you is more fresher than a spring breeze that carries the luminous fragrance of flowers ready to bloom.

The wetness of my hair, the dryness of my skin and the eyes full of life greet you humbly.

So I have decided that I will be releasing an e-book every three months and this is to keep my readers occupied with my writing. I don’t update this blog as much as I should and this is my own fault. I need to spend more time with you all and engage with you. This concept of fans or followers is very 20th century, I am someone of the 21st century and would like to engage with you as friends. We both have investments in each other and these investments will create a long-lasting and loving relationship between a poet and his reader.

To further the relationship, I have also planned for a weekly journal which will be compiled in a book. I will start this in January and I am looking forward to this as it will allow you to see the thoughts that occur within my mind.

As I was having a shower, allowing the water showering upon me to be clean, I decided to clean out my ideas and expectations from the future generation. They will be my children and do I want to repeat the same mistakes that every parent has done to their children? We want our children to follow our dreams and this is wrong. I am not a father yet but I have certainly allowed freedom to be my very flow of life. I always ask if this will give me and the other freedom? In the short term it may look like a limitation but certainly if we take a larger perspective then it is all freedom. I don’t want to see children burdened with the dreams of their parents. It has already happened with my generation and I can tell you that it has really messed things up.

We have revolutions that have no melody, we have rising taxes, mass consumerisation, growing numbers of fast food places and to me we have had it easy living up to other people’s dreams. What happened to our dreams? And I don’t mean dreams as in our aspirations that are embedded in our unconscious. I am on about dreams as in our very being. The deepest core of who we are is what I mean by dreams. When are we going to explore ourselves and stick to what we truly want. I mean in the sense that no sense of the ‘other’ has an influence over it. When we can do this as a collective then we will watch revolutions work and our rights established. We will be free from politics in governments, religion, spirituality, education and corporations.

It is easy to follow people but my poetry tells you one thing – explore it yourself and don’t believe me until you do!

Humbly yours,


Post 96 – Let Life be more Mysterious

Greetings everyone!

Hope everyone is well. I have not posted something in a long time so first of all, accept my apologies.

I have been a little busy at the moment, I have been working on my new poetry book which is set to release in late July this year. I am currently in the editing stages and I am enjoying it every moment of it.

This post is a very simple one. I feel at times, life has another plan for us and we force our will on what life should be like. Why do we do this? The simple reason is because we can never be content with reality. So instead of being attentive to reality, we divert our attention and focus on what should have happen and continue to wonder how we can make it happen. The thing is your will can be achieved, what you want can be achieved and the answer lies in reality. Otherwise, you will be living in the past looking to achieve something with little clues and little motivation.

It is not a coincidence that most mystics have talked about living in the present moment. There must be something about it and from experience, I can say that it is has been beneficial for me. It has guided me to new discoveries that I wish I had discovered before. Some of you may remember that I used to do youtube videos and I stopped them a while back and then deleted them. The main reason was that my discoveries had a continuous refining quality and slowly and slowly I am becoming a new man or shall I say a more evolved being. Therefore, when it comes to spiritual matters, it is best to remain silent and then decide to speak.

At times, we think we are doing the right thing and what really is the right thing? All it is, is our limited perception. Our consciousness is limited and therefore cannot even comprehend everything life can offer. We lack both imagination and reality. We live in the past, even facts of the past and make it sound as if they have some significance for today. The only way to bliss is through contentment and balance in all circumstances. The only way to access bliss is through the present moment. Life has a lot to give to you, just do not limit it with your expectations and your unpolished vision. Be more present and your vision will be more clear.

Let life be more mysterious, answers will only make life less adventurous and more monotonous.

Love and blessings,


Post 95 – Knowing is the Only Way!

Hi readers!

Hope you are well.

I had a thought, can I call it a thought or shall I say revelation? Hear this out: ‘If you know the Truth then you don’t know. You can only be in knowing of the Truth.’

I probably could say the last sentence with greater clarity but I shall explain this a little now. Whenever, you come to a point and say ‘I know the Truth’ that cannot be the Truth speaking. It can only mean that you have given up knowing or desiring to know more. Instead, you have made the Truth a possession and you cannot possess the Truth. It cannot be grasped nor seen but it creates a great amount of intensity within you. It creates something intimate, where the feelings overflow into something magnificent. So the state of what is called enlightenment is the discovery of knowing. Knowing is everlasting, it is infinite and therefore cannot be grasped by thought. If it is, it creates memory and memory cannot be the Truth. Truth is always new, always fresh and pleasant as it is created from wisdom. Truth is freedom. Memory is distorted and can lead to illusion as it is base is knowledge or just mere words on a paper. Memory is a prison.

Therefore, meditation must be treated as a ground for inner enquiry and discovery. It is easy to say there is a God or there is a soul. But has this very discovery been your own? Never be comfortable with any idea. The Truth is never comfortable because it implies knowing which leads to internal growing. Remember, knowing is a verb, it is action. And to know really means you knew. If you know something today then tomorrow it may be something different. Therefore, this means you ‘knew’, you don’t ‘know’ it. You have to think about this. This might sound a little too intellectual but if you let this settle within you, enquire within you, be part of this whole discussion then something great can be discovered. Can you know God? Can you know the Truth?

I shall keep this post nice and small so you may think about it.

My love to all,


Post 94 – Meditation and Music

Dearest friends,

Hope all are well!

Gratitude to the Formless that resides in all hearts! I wanted to write about music and meditation/prayer. Real prayer is meditation and meditation is real prayer. In sanskrit, they call it dhyana. Meditation is a very cold word to use compared to the sanskrit word. I love the word dhyana because in the sanskrit, there is a sense of union. A union between you and Existence, you and the Divine and you and God. I use God because it is a common term. We all pray to God but do we know God? Worst still, some of us have Gurus or Gods that we worship and can we say we know them? And truly knowing them is loving them, truly merging with them is the only worship.

I want to tell you a story. A Hare Krishna devotee once asked me ‘Do you know Krishna, can I meet Him?’ When he asked me, I looked into his eyes deeply and saw whether he was genuine and trust me, some people are good actors too! I replied ‘What would you do if you met Krishna? What would you say to Him?’ He looked rather confused at my question and said ‘I would like Krishna to answer my prayers.’ I laughed because now I understood what he was trying to do. I shook my head and said ‘It is better you still repeat ‘Hare Krishna, Hare Rama’ because if I let this meeting take place, you will destroy everything. Don’t ask me again until you deeply inquire within why I will not allow this meeting to take place.’ I ended it there and you must be wondering why? But before I disclose why…take a few moments to think why!

So why did I say no? First of all, he was sort of challenging Krishna. He doesn’t truly worship nor love Krishna. In your case, you may not truly worship nor love your Guru or God(s) or Goddess(-es). Plus, his challenge was weak to Krishna, he wanted Krishna to answer his prayers. Now, to you it does not look like a bad thing but it is a sin in my opinion. Now, Krishna can easily say ‘No’ and this person, because he truly has not worshipped, he has not surrendered, he has not accepted, he has not loved will pretend to be ‘heartbroken’ and will lose his ‘belief’! Remember, I have not said faith! Faith is above belief, faith is based on acceptance and knowing. Think and inquire, whether every cell of your body wants to meet the Divine, to meet the Ultimate Reality, to meet God. If this meeting takes places, enlightenment is at your feet!

Now, for those that find meditation difficult, it is essential to put some music on. It is best if it is spiritual music of course and preferably without words. Meditate with eyes closed, concentrate on each breath and take your God’s name in the outtake of the breath. So exhale and take your God’s name or Guru’s name.  Music is the union of sound and instrument. Meditation is the union between your mind and the Ultimate Reality. There is an inner world that needs to be discovered and this is your chance now!

I will keep this post short and somewhat incomplete. If you have questions, just post them underneath but better still, meditate!

Love always,


Post 93 – My letter to Hindus

Dearest my lovely readers!

Hope you are all fine and are having a great week.

Today I would like to talk to my Hindu friends. Coming from a Hindu background, I have grown up around Hindus and Sikhs. Frankly, Hinduism is so vast and that can be seen in a positive light or a negative light. It can be seen that it is very open to new practices hence the vastness. Or it can mean that the Truth has lost itself with rituals and false commentaries being placed above it. On top of that, some Gurus do not even understand the scriptures themselves and then start their rants.

I have read a lot of the Hindu scriptures. I have read the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Ashtavakra Gita, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Rig Veda.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Upanishads and the Ashtavakra Gita and the reason is that this is the direct truth as it is. It is between the masters and the disciples. It points to the truth and does not shy away from saying that Hinduism is meant to be full of sages. This is something I really respect about Hinduism but with the new wave of Gurus and with them all claiming a right over the Truth, it is sad to see the growth has stopped and blind worshipping has taken over.

The latter (Ashtavakra Gita) possibly the best thing I have ever read is a book that shows how a Guru transforms his disciple into a master of his own right.

The Bhagavad Gita is great but due to its openness, it is always open to interpretation and many people can resonate with it because Krishna accepts everything. However, this is not the right way to look at the Bhagavad Gita. One must understand the context in which Krishna speaks and it does not necessarily mean that we can adapt what He says to fulfill our egoic ambitions. One can see the way it has been misinterpreted by the head of the cult ISKON. I have read the Bhagavad Gita As It Is and it’s very poor when it comes to the commentary and the author does not explore all avenues to what Krishna could have meant. Sadly, the translation falls short and I personally would never recommend this to read first. Then I have read the commentary of the Bhagavad Gita by one of my favourite Guru’s – Osho. If you click on the word Osho, a pdf of the book will open in a new window or tab. This is the best commentary of Krishna’s words and Osho brings a modern flavour to it without limiting Krishna. If you really love Krishna, it will show in how you take Osho’s words. On top of that, I would say the translation by Eknath Easwaran is top notch!

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are interesting and can be a bit difficult to understand for a new person. However, I will say it is amazing to read. I would suggest you find someone who has read it to explain it to you if you feel you cannot understand it.

The last one is the Rig Veda and I find this to be the weakest of all scriptures. It is funny how majority of the priests follow this scripture but it is very ordinary. There is hardly anything great or outstanding in it. You can tell that it is written by some greedy people, who were more interested in maintaining their power in society. The Vedas is a collection of ordinary words and expectation for something spiritual diminishes very early on. It is more a political book than a spiritual one.

I remember once speaking to a Pandit from London and I must say that I respect him alot and if I see him, I will give him a huge hug. I asked him ‘What is the best translation for the Vedas?’ He looked at me and saw my thirst for the Truth and whispered ‘Don’t read the Vedas yet, read the Upanishads first. It is more interesting and spiritual.’ I was a little confused so I asked him ‘Don’t you use the Vedas for your practices?’ And his loving response was ‘Very rarely do I tell someone to read the Upanishads, seeing you has made me very happy and I know you are not a hindu. As far as the Vedas is concerned, I have to earn my bread and butter.’ There was sadness in his voice but hope too. The fact is, I knew he never met anyone who has asked to read the scriptures. But if you understand what the Pandit was saying, it is of immense value.

I have come across people in my life, who claim to be Hindus and have never read their own scriptures. They will do the pilgrimages, they will go to the mandirs, they will listen to the kirtans and do jagaratas (all night prayer), they will do their rites and rituals in front of their idols but not one of them have consulted the scriptures. Hence, it is easy for Gurus to manipulate the scriptures to meet their needs. I see it on the television, all these gurus quoting the scriptures and because nobody has read them, people are misled. If the Guru on the stage says that ‘Do not drink water between 5pm and 6pm on a Tuesday otherwise it will bring you problems. I can guarantee this because it is written in the Vedas. If you want to get rid of this – there is the donation box and you will be saved.’ And the majority of people have not read the scriptures (and even most priests cannot remember alot of the scripture) and they will fall into the trap. They cannot remember if they have had a sip of water during that time and it is possible that they have, so they will put something in the donation box. This is blind faith. As far as I am concerned and the Upanishads are concerned, they tell you to know the Truth directly, instead of going around gurus who will not teach you the scripture but is looking to fill his pocket with YOUR money!

A True Guru will tell you the tool for self-realisation or god-realisation and then will tell you to read the scriptures and see if you can see the Truth now. You will be surprised at what you find out! In fact, the Upanishads tell you that go and find a Master, who can give you the Divine Revelation, who can give you Enlightenment! There are a few Gurus out there that are doing this. I will not say that it is my Guru only. Existence has been kind and blessed us with a couple of enlightened gurus.

If people used a little intelligence and spared a little time to read their scriptures, they would understand their religion. Hinduism is not a religion that is misunderstood by non-hindus but in fact, is the most misunderstood within its own followers. I have read the scriptures and say this with authority. If they consulted their scriptures, they would know that the way they are worshipping is not going to give them liberation nor is it going to improve their next lives. So I find it a sad state of affairs to see Hinduism losing itself in the insignificance of useless practices. Just read the Upanishads or the other scriptures. I would love to have a chat with you and discuss it in depth. If you are really religious and it’s not something you do for leisure or ‘time-pass’ then you will take my offer. I find the knowledge to be far too valuable to be lost in the miniscule nature of the practices that are ordained by the ignorant priests.

What Hindus here need to recognise is that I am not even a Hindu and I know your religion more than you. I find that sad. Prove me wrong and read the scriptures. Please!

I have a vision that one day, these scriptures will be talked about and practiced. The scriptures will be a guide instead of being a mere tool for reciting. It is all about reading, listening to it in your mind, then contemplating on it and let the experience flow. I feel this can be done today and this is what real learning or education is. This is what a real place of worship does. It places experience over words. The experience becomes the Truth. All the scriptures are meant to do is create a desire within you to experience the Truth, the real Freedom, to be one with godliness!

Thank you for reading this and I hope you understand me.

With love,


Post 83 – Thoughts (Part 13)

Whatever we do has a consequence. I guess I know that there is an effect for every cause and a cause for every effect. In fact, I think that is the best way to explain karma. Karma has nothing to do with your past and your future. However, people can turn around and say then how come it takes karma ages to catch up? Well, the answer is simple that the effect has to happen at the right time. That is something we cannot guess.

However, the question always remains about why do bad people get the good things and why do good things get bad. I always say that good and bad is a concept of the mind because wealth is a concept of man. It has nothing to do with God and never will. Anyone associating money with God then they are only proving to you that God is also man made. The way wealth is worshipped today, it is on the same status of God.

Now, karma is such a complicated topic hence I tend to tell people that it is all garbage. The reason is because then people use it for exploitation and I am against any type of exploitation that creates harm or suffering to someone’s life. Now, how can we get deeper into understanding this cause and effect. It is all about how badly you were affected, how much negativity it has created and I seem to notice that people with an overwhelming sense of positivity tend to be free from the curse of karma. Karma is nothing but a curse to make sure people do good. I say have trust in people and they will do good. We always think of the worst of people. Don’t say you don’t. You see a guy or girl at work – you think that he must be a dickhead or she must be a right bitch. We all do. We have this mindset. The reason is because we are taught from a young age that we are not to be friendly with strangers. The problem is that nobody has told you how to grow or evolve from that view. When you are 18 or even 16 years old then you are able to have a sound view of the world and its people. But this view of ‘strangers’ which was right and correct for us at a young age seems to be subconsciously set in us.

The only time that a stranger is strangely accepted is when you fall in love with that person. When you feel attracted to that person then it creates an urge to know the person. However, only a few of us will actually talk to that person. I know that I don’t talk but I do smile. Some people say that is creepy but I judge someone by their reaction to a smile. I know it is bad of me to judge but I rather be aware of it than deny that I don’t. I am not judging that person for the whole life. I just say ‘Okay, that person doesn’t seem to want to smile TODAY.’ Tomorrow could be a different thing. If you have a sense of humour, which I thank the Universe for everyday because I possess it then your life is easier. You can make other people laugh. Once you have that gift then you are sorted. You will find friends easily because you can make someone laugh. That is the most attractive thing I find in a girl. Two things actually. One is her intellect. That is a major pleaser for me. Second is her sense of humour. If she has both then she is lucky or unlucky because subconsciously I will start falling for her. I hardly ever have met a girl with intellect and a sense of humour. Well, with a sense of humour that I can understand. I do understand a wide spectrum of humour. Believe it or not, I hated Ricky Gervais at one time and now I can’t have enough of him. He is not someone I will turn gay for obviously but he is both intellectual and funny. His girlfriend Jane is a very lucky woman.

I always say that one must be positive, be spontaneous because that will mean people will warm up to you and even your bad jokes will be laughed at. You have to have a sense of confidence but never over do it. Just remember of the surrounding area. Like joking about someone being buried alive on a stag night isn’t going to fare very well at a funeral.

Be aware and the world will be the biggest intellectual joke known to you and mankind.

Now listen to this song and say with them that KARMA IS A BITCH!

Rahul N Singh

Post 70 – Thoughts (Part 3)

‘The Soul must exist in everything’

This is the hypothesis if you ask me. The soul is what I call the inner body, I think this is the inner form of what we are. Although, we cannot see it, many names have been given like consciousness, life energy and the spirit, we can surely say there is something unique about it. I think the fact that we can perceive things, conceptualise things, intellectualise things makes it definitely real that we have something called a conscious. We are all conscious beings. This is the universe in our creativity, in our abilities, in our thoughts and ideas. The fact that we can think on such levels shows that we could all be ‘mini universes’ continuously creating and expanding. No matter what we try to look at spirituality, it all originates with this Universe that is a definite fact of existence. Now, this may mean that our mind is the soul and although we cannot see the mind, we know it exists. There is always a fight between the mind and consciousness but really they could both be the same. The difference could be is how do we train the mind. Do we want to be good humans? Do we want to be driven by creativity? No matter how rational scientists may be, whenever it comes to making a new theory or coming to a profound conclusion, everything they do is irrational to the human mind. However, what they find out may be important to the construction of something great and marvellous. Therefore, these rational or irrational thoughts must originate from what I call the soul or what we call the soul. It is within us but still remains separate but it is what is the interconnection within us all. We all think, we all are conscious, some of us are aware of this and some are not. Hence, meditation is something that makes us aware of the things that become a habit to us. The little acts are beautiful and within the perception of habit these tiny acts become lost without meaning. The fact is, we all may have souls but you cannot just say it. You need to know it exists. For me the soul is definitely alive when I feel a deep and inner connection with everything and everyone that surrounds me. These feelings of consciousness is the definition of the soul.

Our thoughts, actions, state of inner being, the awareness of everything are what the soul defines itself. Is it who we are? It definitely is the only mirror that we have, where we can look at our own selves and be the harshest critics. This definition that we need to be something is something useless. We have a limited time and I feel that I am always in this useless bubble of trying to prove something I am. I simply am and my soul in harmony with my body can create that. So is the soul the mind? Very much! Now many will argue and say they are different. Yes, they are different in perception and definitely in theory in the language of spirituality. However since the soul is always associated with goodness and the mind with evil then this has led us to believe that they are two different things. They are not. They are one. It is one. It is this constant battle that we have within us to prove we are living souls and not minds is what makes everything dream-like and the facade of religion continues. Now the mind is nothing but your soul’s projection or my soul’s projection. Therefore, make your mind your soul and see how it defines you. The thing is we have a problem with having our judgments and expectations of what a good person or an enlightened person should be like and it is this very thing that throws us away from our own enlightenment. The fact is your own enlightenment has nothing to do with anybody in the past but it has something to do with you now. It is the very evolution of your soul. This is enlightenment. Enlightenment is the awareness of the evolution occurring in your soul on a daily basis.

Therefore the body must contain the soul. However, being souls does not mean anything special. All the difference is that an enlightened person is aware hence they transcend the concept of life and death. They know their reality. If you know your reality then really living or dying is nothing but events that have to happen and will happen. Your soul is also part of the fear and it is the very thing that will conquer the fear too. Therefore, I emphasise a lot on the soul being your thoughts, your creativity, your art, your vision, your actions, your emotions and nothing is greater than transcending this all and realising that your soul is part of one Ultimate Portrait. These are things that will last until you want to put them to rest. They can only be put to rest if you feel that they have met their purpose. Hence, I will say that ghosts or bodiless spirits do exist because these are the thoughts that someone may be carrying and still have a form of burden upon this Earth. They still have not expanded into this universe. Like I said, everything here is just a theory, just a thought, it is upto you if you find it anything worthwhile. I am a spiritual ‘scientist’ who is always ready to prove myself wrong but also ready to prove what I say is right. See this soul has nothing to do with what is right or wrong and truly it only cares, if it really does desire then it is the desire to transcend. Death of the soul is the transcendence of being just an earthly spirit to the universal spirit. Hence, many write or say that they have merged with ‘God’ or with the Cosmos because this must be the soul. The mind of consciousness truly wants to be aware of its origins and of its continuous life without the restrictions of the human body form.

This then leads on to what happens to us when we die. I may have answered it a little earlier and this is what may be slightly different to mainstream thought. As I feel that everyone in their minds (souls) wants to leave an imprint or wants to either transcend but got stuck in the nature of this materialistic cycle of life. Thus they remain on this earth waiting for or looking for another body. This may support the theory of reincarnation. Or there is the possibility that the mind (soul) disappears when the body dies and that all conscious thoughts, ideas, emotions,  visions and creativity has no way to perform without the use of the body and leaves it without any purpose. As now the body is not of a human form but of the form of the Universe. Why would we need to remain on this earth as souls? Do we have past lives? Even if we do have past lives then what significance does it have on this life? It has no influence at all. So it may be that our consciousness (mind/soul) needs to transcend and therefore needs to enter a new body but that would still be giving too much importance to the human life form. The fact is that if the energy of this Universe is one then surely this consciousness or soul is one. Nobody is different but the awareness could be different. In fact, it is the awareness that needs to be given importance. We may not be individuals in souls but our journey to reach this realisation of One Soul may need an individual person’s thought or creativity. The fact is that the journey will have to be made by ourselves as individual seekers. We have to merge with the reality. We may not like the reality that we are not individual souls but if the life spirit exists everywhere then we are no different. We are all one. Therefore, I do emphasise that everyone is on different awareness levels and that may be the cause why some transcend this whole cycle of life and death. In fact, do we die with this realisation or do we die without realising it? Would it make a difference? In my opinion, it would because we need to realise this because it is where we originate from. Our intelligence that is the soul is there due to the intelligence of this universe. Our intelligence or our soul is full of complexities because the universe is complete with complexities. This is the beauty of it all. Knowing that we are the intelligence in what created this whole universe. You can’t just read it and believe this. You have to know it. How you will know it that is your own individual journey. But you will know it. You will get that transcendence. The transcendence is the realisation.

As I will conclude, your soul, my soul and everyone else’s and everything that has a soul are all one. There is no difference in soul. We are not individual souls. The difference is our awareness. Become aware of the Reality and then you will know that the only importance is to live life knowing that it will never end and be that person who wins with the last laugh.

Rahul N Singh

‘Thoughts’ is to be part of a new e-book compilation).

Post 67 – One moment does not define your whole life.

Question: I don’t like being single. Girls are not giving me a chance. What do I do?

Answer: Turn bisexual and see if you have the same fate with men too? Jokes aside (you can take it seriously if you want), why do you dislike being single? Is there any problem with being alone? In my opinion, single life is the best way. There are no commitments, no rules, no boundaries and that is a life of freedom. I understand that you may feel lonely and sometimes you want someone to love you. But before you think about others loving you do you love your self? I am not going to go against girls and say they do not give you a chance. Maybe you do not deserve a chance. Maybe they don’t deserve you. Why get so caught up in this situation? You need to do nothing. Just live your life and you will find a girl come to you. If she doesn’t come then atleast you are still living life. If you are worried about sex, then have one night stands or find other alternative to release yourself but don’t go on condemning females because a few girls do not like you.

Maybe some girls do like you but you have expectations and every girl you meet will not meet your expectations. Your expectations are silly and full of crap that possibly the media has put into you. There are not just guys like you who are saying girls are not giving you a chance then there are girls saying them same thing about guys just like you. It works both ways. We have the choice in everything. You will find people desperate to be in a relationship so go after them. You will find people desperate to be single so that means you leave them alone. The fact is there is no answer to anything in life. You just have to live it. Be happy with yourself and be content with whatever life brings. You are open to change it. Everything is in your hands but first free your mind. Forget about all the barriers that others have put in your head. You are the key, the password and the passport to your life. Live it. Don’t be so torn apart by the fact that girls are not liking you at the moment. Work hard at your job, be at peace in your mind and women will come to you in their own time. There is no need for any worries. By keeping hope for a future with a girl is going to be useless. Go out and chat with girls. I know people are uptight today and that most girls will think you are after one thing but they think it, they believe it but they do not know it. You have to prove their belief wrong and get them to know you. Remember don’t be a stalker but be persistent, be polite and not an animal. If a girl rejects you then remember she isn’t rejecting you as a person. There is nothing wrong with you. Her few moments of meeting you does not define your whole experience of life. Remember that.

So my best and only advise is: Live!

Love and blessings,

Rahul N Singh

Post 66 – Any way to escape life?

Question: Life seems to be a hindrance, is there any way to escape life and its’ responsibilities?

Answer: Escaping life is for the one’s that are weak. Enlightenment, Moksha cannot be attained if you like to escape from life. You have to accept it and be passive. I feel there is a sense of too much responsibility and the fact that your growth will not be appreciated by those that are close to you. The responsibility you have is to accept everything that is given to you, you are bounded and have no choice but to allow it. If they question you then you must answer to them. They are misguided but you do not want to follow them. You need to set your self free my friend. You have been walking against the wind for far too long. You have seen that nothing has been achieved. You feel your rebellious attitude is bursting and you have no other choice but to rebel. However, your rebellion is causing a disturbance for others. Their disturbance within has not been realised from within but you are not the catalyst to create that event yet. Your time is to be when you move away, when you become independent. Cope with the storm my friend. Don’t worry about it. You need to sit still and allow everything to flow past you. Watch the waves but remember to be still as the ocean underneath the waves.

I know you are feeling limited and that no matter what you achieve for them is useless. The problem is that they have no use to what you have found or will find. They are not interested because they are unconsciously against your growth. Why would anyone want to see someone younger than them achieve so much? You must look at it. How can a mother accept her son or daughter to be enlightened? They have probably gone through so much penance and austerity and have achieved nothing but negativity. How can a fellow brother or sister see your growth as a human being? The hierarchal system within them cannot let this be. How can a father wish to even see a more poignant and tranquil spiritual growth of his child? It is not possible unless they have had a glimpse of the Divine. They have been after the Divine but they search and miss the Divine because they keep running past the Divine. That is their issue. Your issue is that you are still but yet the Divine is hiding. The Divine is hiding within your own heart. You have searched for the Divine with your mind and now you must look in your heart. Your heart is empty and let it remain untouched. An empty heart is needed for the divine to fill in with its intoxicating spirit. Meditate on emptiness because that is what you are. A free person. A free individual has no weight on their shoulders. Once you are burdened then there is no way to be free. Meditate on empty space and you will see that emptiness is actually fullness.

You need to face the responsibilities but when you can leave then leave. You are not bounded by anybody but your self and your situation. I know it is hard because you feel burdened by their favour but don’t worry about it. Let that be but when you are ready to go then go. Let it be natural. If you feel that the worldly responsibilities are too much then you need to look at whether you need to become a recluse or as they spiritually say that you take ‘sannyas’. However, my advise is that you face your responsibilities but show that you can move away any time. You do not need to threat. Stay silent. Speak when spoken to. Eventually, they will not notice that you are a burden and they will in fact ignore you. But are you ready for that is the question? Just enjoy life, enjoy its difficulties and suddenly they will run out of ways to give you difficulties. Remember, don’t judge the people. Just judge their acts. If you don’t like their acts then make sure you don’t commit the same acts. Be rebellious but have your own way of doing it. Don’t be limited even by my words.

Love and blessings,

Rahul N Singh