Poem: Surrendering


As much as I write,
I can never touch the glory of the Creator,
Without permission,
I cannot write even a single letter.

The power lies in the word,
Once the word is understood,
It is heard in all directions,
It becomes the Friend of your heart.

I have tried to write about This One,
Who has shown me just a glimpse of Him,
And I am failing to write a single atom to Him,
His Vastness has no bounds and is infinite.

When He is fully realised,
This pen will not be able to lifted,
The beauty of the Formless is indescribable,
Silence fails to even comprehend Him.

My Formless, I surrender to You,
Let the Pen of Realisation re-write my mind,
Let the Pen of Realisation re-write my heart,
Let the Pen of Realisation re-write my soul,
Wherever and however I am approached,
May it only be You – Formless One,
That is experienced by all.

Surrendering I am singing Your praises,
Surrendering I am writing Your praises,
Surrendering I am hearing Your praises,
Surrendering I am walking Your praises,
Surrendering I am forever alive,
Whoever surrenders is never born nor dies.



Dreams are a fleeting shadow, that stays in the back of our reality and we feel content with the way things are.

I want to do a shoutout to a Visionary, an extremely talented poet and it is worth watching this video to your heart’s content. Prince Ea joins forces with Neste with this poem titled ‘Everybody dies, but not everybody lives’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ManC7UO0HeY and let me know what you think about it.

For the past few months, I have been contemplating my place as a writer. A writer that loves to explore aspects of life that not many want to reach and like to reach. To access parts of my mind that I never explored because I was not focussed enough or dedicated enough to discover. When you are in a 9 to 5 job it is hard to think out of the box and then videos like the above appear and you are like ‘WOW’ and you know that this box is breaking and it is breaking everyday. It is getting ready to shatter and my spirit can grow and expand in this vastness known as art. Then I am dragged down to the Earth even though I hadn’t even started flying and my mind tells me that someone has to pay the bills, you are starting a family of your own and all of life’s pressures start crushing those ambitions. The thing is bills, family and anything else do not crush the ambitions, it is just they are easy excuses to support lack of action.

My journey as a writer has started when I was 19 years old and the decade is approaching. Yes, I feel I have developed and found my own voice. I feel that something great is happening in my life as I share more. I want others to know that they are the reason behind everything I write because sharing isn’t great if it is just for yourself. Sharing means that every single thing I write, I am giving a little bit of myself away to you. I want that energy to be with you when you feel down, or you have some sort of creative block or things just aren’t going the way you want it to. That is life and that will happen and you just got to know that it is okay. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t a train that will run you over, it is the light of your inspired heart that awakens once it knows that you are here in this moment. Your soul is shining and it wants to express the beauty of life. That is what it feels like for me every morning.

In the past 9 years, I have been a believer in God to a non-believer and then a knower, believer and becoming this One energy that people call with many names. You see, that is my evolution and all of those beliefs, no matter how limiting, were right because it is helping me now and what I am right now will be right as I continuously evolve and evolve. This is my choice and that is the beauty of choice in itself. You can pick what will give you a heart and you will be compassionate. You will be focussed yet your vision is expansive. This is the hallmark of a real visionary. You have one message and only one message, yet you will find diverse ways to express it. The choices we make, the decisions we make will shape what we want and we can choose what shape that will be. Either we can shape it with sharp edges so it hurts others or we can give it the shape of hills, things will go up and down but our support will be constant. However, one thing that I always feel is that sometimes if you do not support something, do not be afraid not to. Think of your own humanity and go with that flow because what may look wrong to others right now may be the right thing in the long run. Stick with your gut feeling and it will take you places. Risks aren’t meant to make you feel safe, they are meant to bring you to adventurous and wondrous places. Explore the risks and remember the cause to create a better humanity is the call of the human spirit.

This video has inspired this post and I want others to feel inspired to action too. I have a long way to go as a writer and I want to thank you all for being there for me even when the going was tough.

His love and blessings,

Devotion – An Underrated Practice.


The intense longing for the Truth, the strongest desire for the perception of Reality, the heartbreaking moments of losing everything and everyone even your own self for the sake of enlightenment is the beauty of devotion. Dancing like there is nobody watching, dancing by yourself without the need of music because the sound of the universe vibrates around you. Singing like there is nobody listening, singing by yourself without the need of the audience because the only spectator is the Formless One. Speaking like there is nobody listening, speaking with yourself without the need of appreciation, speaking just because you are sharing your heartfelt experiences with the Divinity that is within you, that surrounds you and that permeates within every aspect of creation and yet at the same time is beyond creation.

It is a shame that the western audience for Hinduism, specifically for Advaita Vedanta or nonduality or even neo-advaita is shunning devotion because they feel the intellect can reach the highest state of knowledge. Frankly, it cannot and it never will. They praise Kabir, Shiva, Rumi and yet, the miss the fundamental practice they had and that is bhakti or devotion. They had a strong passion for the Formless and the one who revealed the Formless to them. They praised their Gurus and today, we have become sceptics, albeit not for the wrong reasons, we have not opened our hearts to the Guru.

Self-realisation or God-realisation is impossible without the grace of the Guru. The disciple feels that the Guru is absolutely needed and the Guru will feel equally as dedicated and passionate towards his disciple. I know for a fact that the Satguru or True Teacher is out there, literally in love with his devotees and sacrifices everything he has for them. Devotion is impossible without a Guru.

Here is a poem by Rumi:

Once again my beloved sought me and found
Joyously in the marketplace sought me and found.
I hid myself, at my feet that drunken rose, rose from the ground
I escaped the House of Wine, sought me and found.
How wondrous that so doggedly would hound
What luck that such swindling lock sought me and found.
Who would find me if with crowds myself surround?
Knower of crowded secrets sought me and found.
I have left a bloody trail; just look around
And the one on my trail sought me and found.
Run away to what avail, deathward bound
Why hide, a thousand times sought me and found.
I pulled the thorn from my side, yet one more round
That oak towering flowerbeds sought me and found.
Like a pearl at the bottom of ocean, drowned
Pearl diver, with a string sought me and found.
Shams-e Tabriz with piercing eyes and no sound
In the light of insight sought me and found.

Kabir also says:

Even if the whole earth is transformed into paper,
with all the big trees made into pens,
And if the entire water in the seven oceans are transformed into writing ink,
Even then the glories of the Guru cannot be written.
So much is the greatness of the Guru.

Today, devotion needs to be celebrated and observed correctly. It is not just about passionate love and affection but it is the route to grow within spiritually. Knowledge transforms into wisdom by the act of devotion. Having the intense love to be there with the Beloved, the Formless One. Without the Formless, there is no love for even the forms around us. With Advaita Vedanta and other paths, you may negate until you reach the Formless, but to stay with the Formless, you have to learn to love the Formless unconditionally. Only then does the realisation stay with you. Only then does wonder and awe become an everyday part of your life. Only then do you become an explorer of Reality and Wisdom. This is only when the intense longing of the Formless is within us. To truly be wise, is to truly long for the Formless. The Formless is Reality. The Formless created consciousness. You can only understand the nature of consciousness, if you understand the nature of the Formless.

The Formless is shapeless, ceaseless, boundless, birthless, deathless, self-existent, colourless, endless, without a beginning, full of love, compassion, radiating with peace and harmony, celebrating the oneness of all things. The Formless can be yours but can you let go and surrender to the Formless.

Surrender is not letting go of you, it is letting go of who you think you are. When you surrender then you truly find yourself. Then you truly discover who you are and this Reality will stay with you. Surrender is only possible in duality, once you enter the nondual state then who will it be that surrenders. In the grand scheme of it, it is the Formless surrendering to the Formless. Surrender removes any aspect of the ego that can disturb the process of enlightenment. The chances of surrender become higher with keeping in the company of like-minded people, serving others selflessly and constantly remembering the Formless is within you and around you. Remembering the Formless not as a form of repetition but as a form of daily practice. Every feeling, every intention, every emotion and every thought must be done with the remembrance of the nature of the Formless.

Devotion is the key to spiritual enlightenment. It can be done instantly and it all depends on how much you really want to be enlightened by the Formless One. The path of devotion is simple and it is simple because the Formless is simple. It doesn’t need to be complicated by massive words which mean nothing. The less you want the Formless then frankly the longer it will take you to be enlightened. It is not if you become enlightened either, you already are but the ego will always make a goal or a meaning out of it. Being on the path of devotion, you have to let go of meaning, of concept and context. You simple have to be in this moment. This moment reveals the eternal. Give time to the Timeless and you will see a moment transform into eternity. Devotion adds juice to your journey. Without it, your faith, your practice will stand like a wilted tree, bored and secluded in the desert. However, devotion will be like an oasis in the desert. Not only does the oasis enjoy itself but others feel blessed by the presence of the oasis. They also drink the nectar that leads them into immortality.

The path of devotion is extremely important. I would go far to say that it is the best way to God, to the Formless, to Reality or whatever you would like to call it. You can even curse This, and if you do it out of love and passion then it will reveal itself unto you. It is not partial to words. You think God is so sad that He analyses each word. He knows you analyse it yourself and you yourself provide your own punishment. God neither punishes nor congratulates. He has left that to You!

His Love and Blessings,
Rahul N Singh

Post 96 – Let Life be more Mysterious

Greetings everyone!

Hope everyone is well. I have not posted something in a long time so first of all, accept my apologies.

I have been a little busy at the moment, I have been working on my new poetry book which is set to release in late July this year. I am currently in the editing stages and I am enjoying it every moment of it.

This post is a very simple one. I feel at times, life has another plan for us and we force our will on what life should be like. Why do we do this? The simple reason is because we can never be content with reality. So instead of being attentive to reality, we divert our attention and focus on what should have happen and continue to wonder how we can make it happen. The thing is your will can be achieved, what you want can be achieved and the answer lies in reality. Otherwise, you will be living in the past looking to achieve something with little clues and little motivation.

It is not a coincidence that most mystics have talked about living in the present moment. There must be something about it and from experience, I can say that it is has been beneficial for me. It has guided me to new discoveries that I wish I had discovered before. Some of you may remember that I used to do youtube videos and I stopped them a while back and then deleted them. The main reason was that my discoveries had a continuous refining quality and slowly and slowly I am becoming a new man or shall I say a more evolved being. Therefore, when it comes to spiritual matters, it is best to remain silent and then decide to speak.

At times, we think we are doing the right thing and what really is the right thing? All it is, is our limited perception. Our consciousness is limited and therefore cannot even comprehend everything life can offer. We lack both imagination and reality. We live in the past, even facts of the past and make it sound as if they have some significance for today. The only way to bliss is through contentment and balance in all circumstances. The only way to access bliss is through the present moment. Life has a lot to give to you, just do not limit it with your expectations and your unpolished vision. Be more present and your vision will be more clear.

Let life be more mysterious, answers will only make life less adventurous and more monotonous.

Love and blessings,


Post 94 – Meditation and Music

Dearest friends,

Hope all are well!

Gratitude to the Formless that resides in all hearts! I wanted to write about music and meditation/prayer. Real prayer is meditation and meditation is real prayer. In sanskrit, they call it dhyana. Meditation is a very cold word to use compared to the sanskrit word. I love the word dhyana because in the sanskrit, there is a sense of union. A union between you and Existence, you and the Divine and you and God. I use God because it is a common term. We all pray to God but do we know God? Worst still, some of us have Gurus or Gods that we worship and can we say we know them? And truly knowing them is loving them, truly merging with them is the only worship.

I want to tell you a story. A Hare Krishna devotee once asked me ‘Do you know Krishna, can I meet Him?’ When he asked me, I looked into his eyes deeply and saw whether he was genuine and trust me, some people are good actors too! I replied ‘What would you do if you met Krishna? What would you say to Him?’ He looked rather confused at my question and said ‘I would like Krishna to answer my prayers.’ I laughed because now I understood what he was trying to do. I shook my head and said ‘It is better you still repeat ‘Hare Krishna, Hare Rama’ because if I let this meeting take place, you will destroy everything. Don’t ask me again until you deeply inquire within why I will not allow this meeting to take place.’ I ended it there and you must be wondering why? But before I disclose why…take a few moments to think why!

So why did I say no? First of all, he was sort of challenging Krishna. He doesn’t truly worship nor love Krishna. In your case, you may not truly worship nor love your Guru or God(s) or Goddess(-es). Plus, his challenge was weak to Krishna, he wanted Krishna to answer his prayers. Now, to you it does not look like a bad thing but it is a sin in my opinion. Now, Krishna can easily say ‘No’ and this person, because he truly has not worshipped, he has not surrendered, he has not accepted, he has not loved will pretend to be ‘heartbroken’ and will lose his ‘belief’! Remember, I have not said faith! Faith is above belief, faith is based on acceptance and knowing. Think and inquire, whether every cell of your body wants to meet the Divine, to meet the Ultimate Reality, to meet God. If this meeting takes places, enlightenment is at your feet!

Now, for those that find meditation difficult, it is essential to put some music on. It is best if it is spiritual music of course and preferably without words. Meditate with eyes closed, concentrate on each breath and take your God’s name in the outtake of the breath. So exhale and take your God’s name or Guru’s name.  Music is the union of sound and instrument. Meditation is the union between your mind and the Ultimate Reality. There is an inner world that needs to be discovered and this is your chance now!

I will keep this post short and somewhat incomplete. If you have questions, just post them underneath but better still, meditate!

Love always,


Post 56 – Lead your life

The most important thing we must accept is that our life is our way of showing our individuality. There is nothing great about having an identity, if we cannot embrace who we truly are.

Many people argue that if someone is a criminal, is it acceptable for them to embrace who they are? Of course it is. Why should they hide away from it? At least they are honest to themselves about who they are and are under no delusion. No matter what you are, embrace it and eventually you will drop these silly labels that society thrusts upon you and you become your own individual.

An individual is special. An individual can never be divided and yet can lead a dual life with society. This is what a leader is. Someone beyond division but still capable of living with the collective whole. An individual can shape who they are and not worry about the consequences. The less labels you have attached to you, the less expectations and also you have a shoulder that does not have to carry much baggage.

Leading your life means that nobody has to share your flaws. Your flaws are your own that you need to accept and then change naturally. Anger or possessing a bad mood is totally unnecessary to share. When you become aware of this bad mood, it should drop. But we allow it to linger on in the background, while we tell other people how angry we are. In fact, when you are in a bad mood and you are angry, you are sharing it with someone and all you are doing is transferring that energy. That anger that is built up inside of them will be ignited by your transfer of energy. Keep your anger and moods to your self, if they are not worth sharing then don’t share them. Showing love is important but showing hatred only damages everything that surrounds you. Love is to be shared as it creates an amazing atmosphere, it is peaceful and people feel safe within it.

With your anger, you ignite other peoples’ insecurites, anger, paranoia and ignorance. Anger does not allow you to move on. Hence, forgiveness is needed for enlightenment, anger feeds on people that cannot forgive. Those that can forgive, anger will also arise but they keep it to themselves. Notice this. They keep it to themselves but they do not keep it in. They will go somewhere else, be alone and bring up all the frustrations. This may last a matter of a few seconds. That is the beauty of forgiveness. It gives everything bad, a short span of life. Everything good becomes everlasting.

Forgiveness opens the door to enlightenment. Enlightenment needs you to live in the present. If you live in the present moment, if you live in the moment of ‘NOW’ then enlightenment is yours. Forgiveness is natural. Acceptance is easy. Everything that happens to you, you accept it and move on. There is no need to be in a bad mood because there is nothing to be achieved from it. Forgiveness opens the door to leadership. A leader does not lead in the past, they lead in the present moment.

Lead but don’t be led.

Rahul N Singh

Post 54 – Real Valentine’s Day is for True Casanova’s!

Yeah, sometimes I just feel like telling people to get out of my life but hey, there is no need to tell or say anything. Actually, there is nobody unnecessary in my life. I am happy that I do not have to do anything and just watch the world evolve and revolve around me!

Now, for me life is not something that should be taken too seriously. I mean just look at it, you will live for like 70-80 years and then what? You are gone. Will the earth still be here? Will society still be here? Will your children still be here? Yes! Life will still go on. Think about it, when have you thought that because your grandparents have gone, that now nothing can be done in life? In simple english, have you stopped living because of your grandparents death? No? If not grandparents then great-grandparents. Your life has still gone on. Your society still remains. Nothing really has changed. Now, what makes you think your life is going to be any different? So why be serious? Enjoy and just live in the moment. There is a buddhist concept of ‘do nothing’ and I think this is beautiful. You may be doing something but you are merely a witness to it all happening. So every experience looks real and new. That is the best way to avoid boredom too!

It is not good to shout out that the world is in ruins, even though it is. You got to show your life is exemplary and that will invite people to know you. People like those that have something different about them.

Which leads me to Valentine’s Day. I find this the ‘best’ day of the year. It has never meant much to me because I never had a date. I don’t expect it to change. But why don’t I like it? I’m a Casanova not a Romeo. Now, I am not a sex fiend that preys on any lustful women. However, Casanova was really loyal to his women, even though society and history may say otherwise. But Casanova had genuine love for women. He loved them because that is where he was born from. This is normal for guys. Women are absolutely beautiful and that is because they are the creators of life. They nurture life and every time you have sex with a woman, it is slowly nurturing you.  It makes life less serious and enjoyable. Casanova said one thing, which I really do praise ‘Marriage is the tomb of love.’ Love ends with marriage and even relationships nowadays. I call today’s era the ‘Twilight-love Era’ and this is because stupid boys and girls claim they fall in love yet they know nothing of love. They simply mistake their attraction to be ‘love’ and now I feel bad whenever I say I ‘love’ a girl. It feels fake to me. I have complete passion for her, however, my love is a Casanova’s love. Not a ‘Twilight love’.

Why don’t I like Romeo? It is not that I don’t like him but I think he is the reason for the ‘Twilight Era’ because he foolishly falls in love with this girl and claims she is still the only one. I find that hard to believe and I wonder all the time, if he hadn’t died then he would have become another Casanova.

Any girl that I have asked out, had sex with or even asked for a date, I know inside I have loved them the way Casanova loved. I loved them for being women and nothing more. It is pure. I have no reasons but to praise their feminine interior and exterior. I could say it edges towards a spiritual bondage of love. So leading to this Valentine’s Day, it means nothing to me because it is purely commercial so I take it as a joke. So I reply to it with a joke. I have asked an ex out for Valentine’s Day before and I did it rather spontaneously and she hated me for it. She couldn’t understand why I did it and even I didn’t know why because it was spontaneous. Plus, I forgot she was my ex, I should hold more weight to my past than I do. Oh well…

Is there a girl I would be a Casanova for this Valentine’s Day, I feel I want to but I don’t feel a girl is ready. I want to bring the love back into this day and take out its commercial bullshit. Question is why do I remain so closed towards a girl I really want compared to a girl that I probably know will only be there for the sex? Why do I feel pulled towards the second option – it is simply because the girl I really want, well how do you know for sure she really wants you? Even I have my flaws and I am leaving them open to you to judge. I know the remedy, in fact I do stupid things to get the girl I want. I will find out what she likes and say if its like a restaurant, I will visit that restaurant and know about the places nearby it. Why do such a silly act? Well, atleast I am prepared.

I don’t know if I have made sense but just enjoy life and live it to the max with a spontaneous attitude.

Rahul N Singh