Work stress – Don’t bring it home!

I remember speaking to a manager
She didn’t approve of a management style of
another manager who managed me.
She told me a simple thing
And it should apply to everyone
‘Do not become a mood hoover!’

It got me thinking alot
We all have bad days at work
Sometimes it becomes overwhelming
It can get the better of us
But why let it get the better of us?
We are incharge of our own lives
Why should our state of mind
Be at the will of others?

Yes, if you must show emotion at work
Do that and don’t hold back.
If you can look at the situation objectively
Then right course of action is taken.
If no answer is coming to you
Then simply do not react,
Otherwise something that is a molehill
Will undoubtedly take shape of a mountain.

The worse thing is when you come home
Or you go to see your friends
And you act all moody and down.
We all have our troubles and problems
Nobody is exempt from experiencing this.
Begin to understand the nature of your feelings,
Understand how your energy passes into a room.
A wise man once told me personally that
Are you that person who enters a room
And people stand up to leave? Or
Are you that person who enters a room
And the room lights up with joy?
If you cannot find happiness in yourself
If you cannot find joy in yourself
You will NEVER find it in another.
That person will become a reflection
Of what your state of being truly is.

When you come back from work
Meet others with a grand smile.
Give them positive energy
Because when their times are tough
You may be the only hope they have
The only thought they will possess
When they feel overwhelmed.

Post 64 – A parent needs to remember their own childhood!

Question: Why is it important to have children and what should be done about over-population in the world? Should we be more responsible towards orphans?

Answer: It is not important to have children. First of all, most parents are inadequate of making such a decision. To understand the importance of having children the parent must realise the importance of their own childhood. I am not for any person saying or declaring that they want to become a father or a mother. The reason is because parents become dictators and they set their regimes. They have an image set in their head on how their child should be and place unnecessary and illogical dreams upon their poor child’s shoulders. The dreams on the outside do look logical. You want your child to be educated and have a degree of some sort but what if your child wants to sit home and do nothing? What if it wants to grow old and do nothing? Will you still accept your child? The only reason why many parents accept their own children because the children are living their dreams. The child is not living their lives but they are living their parents’ lives. Parents need to be the vessel of freedom. If the parents cannot give freedom then what can we accept from the world? Your own family cannot accept you as you are. If you have a different religion then your parents will condemn you, they will be depressed and that is only because you have hurt their ego. If you have a different sexuality then they will condemn you and will cry nights over this silly matter. Why do parents feel that you are obligated to them? You are not. You are a blessing not an obligation. Neither are you the product of a sin from their past life. I have heard parents say ‘What sin did I do in my past life to deserve you?’ And I always wonder ‘What good deed did the child do to achieve the parents that he or she has?’ Every child has a free mind, an empty mind, it has no conditions and the parents begin the conditioning with their beliefs, with their religion, with their dreams, with their expectations and a child is not a sin from the past life but is a sin from the present life. The birth of the sin is from the parents’ conditioning not from anywhere else.

The over-population issue is an unfortunate one and there are many reasons. Mainly, it is in the developing world where people give birth to so many children because they become commodities of income. The more children then the more richer they may become. That is the mentality but they do not realise that they have to feed the child, dress the child, educate the child and care for the child. In my opinion, every household should adopt one child from a developing world and so what if it is not your blood. Everyone has a soul and the soul is the same within everyone. Therefore, the issue of over-population will have some control and the world is more responsible to orphans. I am all for people who want children but a new mindset is needed. The mindset is to be freedom and only give freedom. What is a child going to do with our problems? We have to change our attitudes. Watch your children, nephews, nieces in the park, observe them and see how they are playful, enjoying life and taking everything non-seriously. You are serious and how can you be serious in such a small life? You only have a possible of upto 80 years and you live that with such seriousness that existence, your soul is laughing at your stupidity. Be like children, be free, be playful, be hyper and you should see a child. At one time it is completely hyper and the next absolutely calm and still. It is a rebel because it doubts everything you do. When was the last time you doubted your beliefs, your faith, your conditioning? Society has created the conditionings and the parents have accepted it as the acceptable way. The only way that should be accepted is of freedom. A parent is only suitable to be a parent if it can remember their own childhood. If they can remember the beauty that surrounded them. The emptiness they felt on their shoulders. The moments when they had not one care in the world. Live life with a little joy, be a little drunk and be intoxicated with this joyfulness and happiness and watch your inner child dance.

Love and blessings

Rahul N Singh

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