My Satguru – Why I still need Him!

baba ji 1

I look at the picture of my Satguru, the Enlightened Teacher that has transformed my life and I can’t thank Him enough for all He has done.

His words although said in a simple way, once you get thinking about it, they enter a depth you never saw in the first instance. Is my Satguru misunderstood? Maybe. Do I understand Him? Not enough.

I have a close bond with Him and it is not because our families are close. It may have a part to play and I acknowledge that. However, what is the real relationship?

I am not shy to say that I have realised the Formless by the True Knowledge that my Satguru has given to me. This True Knowledge, known in sanskrit as Brahm Gyan, opens up your mind and body to accept the soul as the driver of your life. The Soul, the Eternal Witness realises that it is no longer the body and mind. It realises that it is a part of everything and everyone. Therefore, this ‘I’ that says it is realised is not of the mind or body and therefore does not belong to Rahul.

If I die today, I am liberated because my eyes have seen the true form of my Satguru. I know that He is not the body and mind but He is the very energy that I worship. The Supreme Consciousness that we can call God, that is Him. He is no less to that.

I am always asked that ‘What is the point of a Guru, if you have realised the Truth. If He tells you to worship the Formless, then why do you worship a form (Satguru) still?’ It is a very profound question and I’ve spent time answering it in many ways.

However, today I have a different take on the question. If I worship the Formless, I worship the Form the Formless has taken to reveal Himself. I worship that Form, who is a mirror and says to me that I can be like Him because I am Him. Without that Form of the Satguru, I wouldn’t know the Formless, I wouldn’t be able to perceive nor see the Formless, nor could I ever have a conversation with Him.

The fact is that the Guru does not need me but I need Him. I need Him when my faith falls because He shows me that it hasn’t fallen. You know why? He is always holding my hand, saving me from falling. He walks an extra step to remove any obstacles in my path so I do not trip up.

After realisation, it is hard to function in the world and this is where the Satguru is the most helpful. If you truly listen to Him, be connected to Him, have gratitude for Him, He will let your feeling of enlightenment not overwhelm you. It will allow you to stay alive because I have the same desire that He has. We have a world to protect and a humanity to keep alive. A humanity that is enlightened with the beauty of diversity. The Union between me and the Formless, the Union between me and the Satguru has united me with everything and I see it all as my own.

If you have a Guru, I would be honoured to read your experiences.

His blessings and love,

Post 18 – Obstacles

Obstacles are anything you identify as an obstruction to what you want to achieve. In life, there is always confusion. Why the hell can we not ever achieve what we want? We always ask ourselves ‘Why doesn’t anything go right for me?’ Well, let’s put it straight, it never will. Yesterday, I had an eye-opening conversation.

I realised that sometimes we can complicate our own lives with the decisions we make, with the things we say and certainly with the things we do. What we may do on the surface isn’t truly what we want to convey. I was once asked ‘Why are you arrogant?’ and my reply was ‘Because people won’t let this ‘you’ go!’ Obviously, certain responses need intelligence or a little bit of common sense to understand. Most of the things I write or say, need to be carefully analysed. I am the words and the only truth is that everything I write is all about me. That is the point of me writing this. I have to accept my individuality. Back to my reply, that person went back and said to everyone that I am arrogant and I laugh at that. I am not going to say I am arrogant, in fact I kind of confirmed it to him that I am. However, under the surface there is something else. I was on about my individuality. I was telling him that he should concentrate on himself and not at me. He needs to look in the mirror and ask the question ‘Why are you arrogant?’ Then he will realise that his question showcased his ignorance.

Our main obstacle is our own ego, the ego complicates things for us. If you find yourself in a complication then somewhere, somehow some form of an ego has infected your situation. It could be your own ego or it could be somebody else’s ego. So remember, you can only be sure it is someone else’s ego if you are able to put yourself under a harsh examination by your own self. It requires meditation. It requires looking at your soul in the mirror and criticising it to the core. This is when you can get rid of the ego. It requires a lot of prayer towards the Infinite.

Yes, we have our own philosophers, philosophies, religions, prophets, gurus and sacred texts but by watching, learning, listening or reading them will not get you anywhere. They are telling you to commit to the life they are living or have lived. Their only message is of love and peace. Once you have embraced that love can you understand what religion really wants. Otherwise, go and happily waste your life in meaningless rituals. I am not saying rituals are meaningless but they are meaningless if you do not know love. To know love, you have to strip your ego, you need to peel it away from your core. It is in the core where love exists, it is in the core where love prevails and that is the truth. So to remove all complications, we must be able to realise and become love. It is not easy, but it can be done.

Anyway, let’s put a smile on your faces. Here is a video of one of my favourite philosophers – Osho. This gentleman really knows how to bring the word ‘FUCK’ to another level. Enjoy!

Lots of love and God bless

Rahul N Singh

Post 2 – I Miss London

This is a beautiful picture taken by Angelina Archer. It shows the beauty of London. I miss this city so much and I have always taken a good walk on that very bridge.

The beauty of architecture is always enhanced by nature. Look at the sunset, the sunset defines the picture. It adds value to everything that is present. The best thing about nature is that it is complete. It gives and gives and only asks for us to look after it. We never appreciate nature as much as we should. Instead we are too involved in our emotions that we forget the beauty that is blissfully radiating around us.

If there are any topics you want me to discuss, just comment on here.

Good night.