Courage and Persistence


We need courage to see a lot of things through. If we have a vision for self-fulfillment, it needs a lot of courage and persistent. If we have a goal to attain, we need to have courage and persistence. We may feel that lots of things are slowing us down and that could be finances, time, ability etc. However, somehow we have this urge to continue going as if the Universe or just plain Life is giving you signs to advance forward.

I don’t mean to sound all new-agey when I say that the Universe gives you sign but even if we took coincidences as signs, we have to agree that life is pulling us in a certain direction. That is why I feel it is the right thing to be absolutely sure that what you want to go for is worth the investment. You may have to prove things to yourself first and trust me, it is our own laziness that we have to overcome first.

Despite that being said, only you can judge yourself and only you truly make the decision. Don’t expect others to support you in your quest, no matter how well intentioned people may be, it is nothing compared to the support you get from your own self.

Whatever you get from this little message today, just keep going forward with awareness. Make your case if your decision affects others. ThenĀ go and strive. Work smart for it. Be persistence and thrive courageously.