Furnacing call for reformation

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Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

If we truly understood how each of us can contribute to saving the planet than planting a few trees, reducing plastic, using water mindfully will not be enough. Saving the planet means we have to change our whole lifestyle to meet with the planet’s furnacing call for reformation. We, as humans have to reform, and we probably do not have enough time left.

I don’t really look at the news in incredible detail unless I hear about it from a few people but one thing that I will come across in conversations is how the planet’s weather and season is all messed up now. Can we reduce the amount of suffering that is being inflicted and can it even be reversed. It can be reversed according to this article, which highlights 10 solutions. ¬†If we all committed to at least 5 of these things then we are doing more than enough.

As a spiritual being foremost, I truly feel that the whole earth can communicate with each of its organisms. Tribes show an incredible amount of intuition and insight in understanding the language of our Earth. What has happened in our concrete glasshouses is that we have forgotten how to listen to our Earth. Now, we are stuck on screens, refusing to look around us and understand the damage around us. In fact, this has nothing to do with if you are spiritual or not, it is about whether you see this Earth as your home, even if it is a temporary one.

I believe we are all immortal and somehow we will all see the impending extinction occurring and this is why my call is that we should all raise our spiritual awareness and know how we are connected to everything. We need to start communicating with our planet, its inhabitants – both human and non-human. If our survival is in being humans with heightened awareness, then it is time to start meditating and contemplating on the origin of all life – the Formless. From the Formless, we can piece the story together of how we are so intricately part of this Earth, that our material self will never ever be separate from it. Our souls may leave the Earth but our body will never, our mind and its content will never.

Let me know what you are doing to save this planet? Tell me in the comments.

Post 46 – Not many…(spiritual poem)

Your silence is never understood,

Your emptiness not comprehended,

Your beauty not appreciated,

Let all be completely  destroyed.


You created such beautiful sounds,

Like the breeze carrying leaves,

The waves crashing onto the shore,

And the sweet song of that woman.


In your complete awareness,

I am flowing to your ways.

Love is filling the atmosphere,

Your fragrance beautifying my soul.


My body will enter the soil again,

But keep me alive in Your nature,

Please take me to the unknown,

That not many have known.


Rahul N Singh