Blank Canvas

People have a problem if you are against them. It is a little fact but doesn’t hold true all the time. Why do people dislike the fact that you are your own person? Why do people feel they need to impose their ‘superiority’ on you? First of all, they want to believe they are superiorContinue reading “Blank Canvas”

The best that I could be

Our moments that we spent together, I loved each one of them. Yeah, I admit that I wasn’t the best, But I’m the best that I could be.   I knew that one day you’ll hate me, Losing you my best friend is killing me. I want you to know that I care, I’m freezingContinue reading “The best that I could be”

They are all down on me

Tell me what’s your advise, Come on Miss. I am so wise. Choose your friends carefully, Cos’ they are all down on me.   I’m saving your heart from break, Let’s give this ego a little shake. They are after your mind and body, Pretending to be a special somebody.   When this becomes anContinue reading “They are all down on me”

Lego Layers

One moment, Nice and then nasty. Breaking me apart, But don’t let me start. I know you hate me, Hatred can never set you free. Freedom constriction, Self-manipulation. Depreciating apologies, I’m laughing at your absurdity. I’m spreading positivity, You’re promoting negativity. What you say is opposite, to what your mouth bites. You’re an architect ofContinue reading “Lego Layers”