Blank Canvas

People have a problem if you are against them. It is a little fact but doesn’t hold true all the time. Why do people dislike the fact that you are your own person? Why do people feel they need to impose their ‘superiority’ on you? First of all, they want to believe they are superior when really they are more at your feet than you actually think. yes, in the social aspect they may have a little more ‘respect’ but in the eyes of the true and honest people, they are nothing but hacks claiming a little bit of limelight.

I dare to think that if we all followed the norms of society then society will be at a standstill. In fact, society will never progress. I see the many fools who claim to change things but really their change is not inspiring. It’s adding more dumbed down crap into our minds. The hype that surrounds certain things yet never meets the expectations. That is what young or so-called game changer wannabes carry on claiming.

Yesterday, I watched Inception for nth time and I came to the final conclusion that the only reality is that Cobb meets his children. That is the only positive thing in his life. Once the guilt is removed of his wife’s suicide then all boundaries that restricted him are gone. In fact, Inception is far more spiritual than a lot of religious texts. Religious texts just like to tell you how it is done. Inception goes to the core. It shows how to deal with guilt. So my conclusion to the film is that whether his reality is still a dream, I would rather see Cobb happy with his children. In the space of the dream, he can fill it in with whatever he wants. The underlining action is that he is free from the crux of his subconscious.

This is what we as human beings need to do. We need to have a blank canvas and put every bit of ourselves in it and make it our universe. It is simple as that. The fact is we have no limitations but it is our society, our religions, our education that teaches us to be confined and ‘good’ human beings. I may say good but ‘human beings’ I really do doubt. Say robotic machines then you will have my approval.

In conclusion, you are the writer, the painter, the director and the maker of your life. So use it!

Lots of love and God bless.

Rahul N Singh


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The best that I could be

Our moments that we spent together,

I loved each one of them.

Yeah, I admit that I wasn’t the best,

But I’m the best that I could be.


I knew that one day you’ll hate me,

Losing you my best friend is killing me.

I want you to know that I care,

I’m freezing up inside, missing your warmth.


I may have been the romantic hero for a while,

Running for your love and I couldn’t stop.

Searching through these sand storms,

Surrounding me are the grains of my mistakes.


The wind picks up meeting an extreme,

Damn, these grains are slashing my heart away.

Your anger for me is makin’ my blood boil.

How could I hurt the one I care about the most?


Life is simply full of my own surprises,

My calculated words achieving the unwanted wanted.

Then why do I, tell me why do I say I’m surprised.

I can’t look at myself no more, it’s killing me.


The stench of crimes will never disappear,

Why am I trying to wage a deal with the devil?

If she wants to forgive then let her do it in her own time,

Why am I enforcing my own cursed will?


She doesn’t care that I will die for her,

She doesn’t care that I will give my life to her.

She doesn’t care that I will smile for her.

She doesn’t care that I will live only for her.


Beat me with these stones

Let them cut deep to my bones.

I need to learn to be all alone,

In your love I’m going to drown.


My heart stone.

Just a couple of bones.

Gonna be all alone.

In my love I’m gonna drown.


Rahul N Singh

They are all down on me

Tell me what’s your advise,

Come on Miss. I am so wise.

Choose your friends carefully,

Cos’ they are all down on me.


I’m saving your heart from break,

Let’s give this ego a little shake.

They are after your mind and body,

Pretending to be a special somebody.


When this becomes an unfolded drama,

I’m gonna regretfully say ‘it’s your karma’

You can deal with your own bullshit,

I no longer find you sexy or fit.


Rejecting what is true from my heart,

In the future they will say ‘you’re a tart’

I could have added some icing of respect,

I taught you how to truly introspect.


You were my one and only Mumtaz;

From ‘this is’, you have become ‘this was’.

Look at the depths of your heart debts,

You can’t blink in case you miss my threat.


The situation is clear and not hazy,

You can’t make it work cos’ you’re lazy.

Your ignorance is always in my face,

You no longer have my heart in a chase.


I’m over you and your bad vibes,

Your innocence is a devilish jibe.

I’m no longer in your cage,

Please start acting your age.


I have the love of the millions,

Their love gives me that ignition.

They take me to a next stage,

Their love is the true rage.


Credit for the picture goes to Joker84 on deviantART! It is amazing. Check out his profile – and enjoy the song below! (Hint: Take note of the english lyrics!)


Lots of love and God bless.

Rahul N Singh

Lego Layers

One moment,

Nice and then nasty.

Breaking me apart,

But don’t let me start.

I know you hate me,

Hatred can never set you free.

Freedom constriction,


Depreciating apologies,

I’m laughing at your absurdity.

I’m spreading positivity,

You’re promoting negativity.

What you say is opposite,

to what your mouth bites.

You’re an architect of lego,

Building layers on your ego.

It’s time for us to grow,

Don’t give me another freak show.

You can doubt me all you like,

One day my stardom will strike.

When you meet me as a star,

You’d be a distant memory so far.

Forgive my sins right now,

Or your enmity will grow.

If my true words pierce pain,

My love will put pain down the drain.

Embrace the love I gave,

Take the step that is brave.

Practice what you preach,

Goodness is not hard to reach.

Hope you like this poem guys. A little experiment aswell as the state of my mind right now. It is here, there and everywhere but it can be understood.

Lots of love and God bless,

Rahul N Singh


The warmth within a cold heart,

The coolness within a warm heart.

Love from the heart is no sin,

Let’s put lust back into the coffin.


Love will take us to the extreme,

The heart and soul submerge into a team.

You take me to the limitless height of emotion,

The reality of our love feels like my imagination.


It’s strange to see this sudden attraction,

Love is the addition and lust is the subtraction.

Our love story is a centuries old prophecy

Our path of love is our only philosophy.


Loving each other will remove our pain,

We will be feeling high like on cocaine.

The golden leaves flying with the wind greet us,

My love cannot be calculated with an abacus.


Love always lives with some strange fate,

To get your love again I have learned to wait.

The memories of your love keeps me alive

Love can make the weakest of us survive.


The day I shall meet your beautiful face again,

I will see the eternal love in your eyes sparklin’.

To attain your love is in my completed destiny,

It will bless us with the ecstasy of Infinity.


Take care and lots of love,

Rahul N Sngh.